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About Cyber Athena CTF

Cyber Athena CTF is a women-centric security competition that lets participants prove their cybersecurity proficiencies. This capture the flag (CTF) event is exclusively meant for only female security aspirants, students chasing security as a career, and working professionals who intend to acquire high recognition as security champions at different levels.

Cyber Athena CTF offers an opportunity to the women in security enabling them to take up and accomplish diversified cybersecurity game levels and challenges. 

The CTF winners are awarded with cash prize upto 25000INR


 All participants have to submit their ID proofs/ verified Profiles with the WICS Organizers.

  1. DoS, DDoS, brute-forcing, automated scans are not allowed in any case. 
  2. Participants are not permitted to generate web traffic by any means to accomplish any challenges or contest infrastructure. 
  3. Collaboration with other participants and/ or flag sharing is strictly prohibited.
  4. Publishing of any solution to any platform including blog, GitHub, YouTube, etc. during the contests is not permissible.
  5. All participants have to follow the flag pattern as ctf{flag_here}
  6. No participant will be allowed to carry out any security attack on the CTF infrastructure.
  7. Participants found violating any of the above-mentioned rules will be disqualified from the contest.
  8. Team WICS-CTF reserves the right to add/ modify rules at any stage during or
    after the contest and will apply to all participants.
  9. The decision of Team WICS-CTF will be considered as final.

All participants are required to read the CTF rules carefully and fully agree to them before proceeding to register.

cash prize – 25,000 INR



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