Malware analysis Workshop

Malware Analysis


This workshop focuses on students eager to be a Malware Analyst. It features a brief introduction on Malware Analysis with the importance of Malware Analyst and their need in today’s world scenario. Practical demonstration of concepts, tools and techniques will be done to analyze malwares. This workshop will also introduce attendees to the concept of reverse-engineering in malwares. Attendees will be able to apply static, dynamic, code analysis techniques in analyzing malwares.

Who Should Attend

Cyber-security enthusiasts who want to expand their skill set in the domain of Malware Analysis.

Learning Objectives

  • Creating a safe Lab for Malware Analysis.
  • Understanding Windows Internals
  • Static Analysis using automated tools and python codes.
  • Dynamic Analysis to determine malware behavior with Process, Registry, Logs and Network.
  • Memory Forensics for malware Analysis.
  • Disassembling a Malware code using IDA
  • Debugging a Malware using Debugger
  • Code Injection Analysis
  • Cryptography for Malware Analysis
  • Anti-Reversing Mechanisms