Car Hacking Workshop @299 

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Car Hacking
prime hacking workshop 2020

CAR Hacking Workshop (8 Hrs)

Today all vehicles are connected through V2X technologies. All manufactures are coming with new technologies which can be added technologies for Vehicle industries like Fleet management systems, diagnosis toolset, etc. These systems are from third-party vendors which are still in vulnerable state. So addressing their weakness requires a specific skillset in the cybersecurity of vehicle industries. This course will provide real CAR to get Hands On experience of CAR and their component security testing. “Reversing and exploitation of Vehicle” course targeted from Basic level to advance level. During the workshop will provide a Virtual machine that has all the necessary toolkit which can be used after training for Vehicle security testing.


Day 1

DAY 1 – 4hrs
Vehicle network
– Briefing ECU
– Briefing of ECU
– Briefing of Vehicle Protocols
– Understanding and briefing CANBUS protocols – J2411, ISO 11893-3,ISO 11898-2
– Briefing of CANBUS frame
– Briefing of CAR hacking Tools
– Eavesdropping of Canbus massages
– Reverse Engineering of CANBUS – Identify the Arbitration ID of specific vehicle

– Attacks on cluster
– Replay attacks
– Sending Forged CANBUS messages
– DOS Attack on CANBUS network
– Introduction to Vehicle Diagnostics
– Bypass gateways and extraction of seed key


day 2

DAY 2 – 4hrs
Key fobs
– Introduction
– Recon of Key fobs frequency
– Reverse engineering of Key fob data
– Sending malformed key fobs request
– Jamming at RX and TX
– Defeating encoding mechanism
– Replay Attack
– Attack on key fob
– Cloning of Key fobs

– Introduction
– Recon of TPMS frequency
– Reversing engineering of TPMS
– Replay attack on TPMS controller
– Spoofing TPMS sensors