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About Cyber Bekal CTF

Bekal Fort is one of the stunning place in Kasargod District of Kerala. Seeming to emerging from the Arabian Sea, this one of legacy belonging to Kerala is believed to have been used by the Chirakkal Rajas for defending Malabar from attacks by enemies. Built in 1650 AD and having strong security boundaries, the architecture had served as a military station to the Mysore Sulthans.

Cyber Bekal CTF is a rigorous security competition that validates the cybersecurity skills of participants. Themed to break the Bekal fort security posture, this innovative capture the flag (CTF) event lets aspiring security specialists including students and working professionals prove their efficacies in penetrating Bekal like security structures by mitigating unique challenges passing through the multiple rounds of level-based games.

Cyber Bekal CTF is a never-before like opportunity for cybersecurity enthusiasts who intend to be recognized as security champions globally.


1.  All participants have to submit their ID proofs/ verified Profiles with the Cyber Bekal CTF Organizers.

2. DoS, DDoS, brute-forcing, automated scans are not allowed in any case.

3. Participants are not permitted to generate web traffic by any means to accomplish any challenges or contest infrastructure.

4. Collaboration with other participants and/ or flag sharing is strictly prohibited.

5. A team consist of maximum three members and minimum one member.

6. Publishing of any solution to any
platform including blog, GitHub, YouTube, etc. during the contests is not permissible.

7. All participants have to follow the flag pattern as ctf{flag_is_somewhere_here}.

8. When submitting the flags, if the contents inside the curly braces({}) are not in md5, please change it into md5 and submit.

9.  No participant will be allowed to carry out any security attack on the CTF infrastructure.

10. Participants found violating any of the above-mentioned rules will be disqualified from the contest.

11. Team Cyber Bekal CTF reserves the right to add/ modify rules at any stage during or after the contest and will apply to all participants.

12. The decision of Team Cyber Bekal CTF will be considered as final.

13. All participants are required to read the CTF rules carefully and fully agree to them before proceeding to register.

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